Friday, October 13, 2017

Well, dang...

A huge box was delivered today - turns out it was from my brother, and just as I have been divesting myself of possessions, it seems he is in the same frame of mind.

In the box was the old cookie jar - whether it was the mother's or the grandmother's, I don't remember. Decades ago I mentioned (probably more than once) that I always wanted that cookie jar, somehow my brother wound up with it - probably when the mother lived across the street from him in Florida.

The cookie jar is huge and heavy and in pristine condition - I mean not a chip or a flaw, the glaze isn't even crackled, and it is, at the very least,  70 years old -

The front -
The back -

And he also included this -

It belonged to the mother - there are 21 diamonds around the heart and the stone in the center is one carat (I think...) It's 14 carat gold and I do NOT want this thing in my home. It creeps me out because, you know, it belonged to her and she wore it a lot and she used it to try and manipulate people (Oh, maybe I'll give this you. No, you can't have it, I'll give it to ______ Fill in the blank with any name of anyone in the family.)

My brother said to sell it but I have no idea where to begin doing that and it's just filled with bad vibes - I don't hate anyone enough to pass those bad vibes on! I may not be sentimental but I am superstitious. I just want it out of my home. I may just dump the thing in the trash...Seriously.

He also sent me a little wooden Dream Box with my name carved on it - so pretty. Tiny little thing, and I love that little box a lot.

Happy Birthday to me?