Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A little self-soothing

BB and Miss Frankie get mushy food for breakfast.  Over the years Frankie has never shown much interest in it, only licking whatever juice there was and leaving the actual food behind. BB prefers chicken but will force himself to eat fish. He's never happy about the fish, but, you know, food - so he eats it.

I recently had to change food because their usual brand discontinued the pate version. It is always tricky changing a cat's food. Our recent foray into salmon did pique Frankie's interest just a tiny bit, not much.

So when I offered the new food to BB, he sniffed and walked away. Miss Frankie took a sniff and DEVOURED an entire can. Say what? Miss Frankie eating mushy food? No way! WAY. Chicken - sure thing, she said. Salmon - even better she said.

In the old days, pre-new food, BB would get his half of the can served on the floor, and Frankie would get hers on the counter, after she had her water from the Brita pitcher. Once Frankie jumped down off the counter her dish was put on the floor for BB to finish, which was usually the whole portion. So, BB has basically been eating an entire 3 ounce can of food for breakfast every day - for years.

With this new food Frankie pretty much eats all of hers, and will even check out BB's dish to see if he left any behind. BB is not happy with the situation. He can no longer eat his first dish leisurely and then come back for seconds, and he is not getting a third helping from Frankie's leftovers.

BB is not a happy cat. The other morning he was so dejected, he dragged himself into the living room, and decided to self-soothe with his catnip filled kicker...