Saturday, December 23, 2017

Miscellaneous Mishegoss

(Don't you just love the word mishegoss?)

My husband is trying to get in touch with his son, who isn't returning his calls.
Me: Join Facebook and then you can harass him online
Husband: Why would I do that? What do people do on Facebook?
Me: They talk.
Husband: Ohhh No! Talk? Now that is scary.
My husband, the great communicator. The only time he talks a lot is when he asks me the same question, again and again and...

I just finished Alice Hoffman's latest book, "The Rules of Magic", which I've come to learn, after I have read the book,  is a prequel to "Practical Magic".  We all know and love the movie "Practical Magic" tho I have never read the book and did not make the connection. I suppose the big take-away from the book is "Love more, not less".  And my reaction to the book - Meh.

I downloaded my Comcast bill this morning and discovered it was 10 pages. Eight of them highlighted the new prices. What!? Oh, yes, Comcast is raising prices, yet again. I have a 2-year contract with Comcast so now I am wondering if my monthly bill will go up. And if it does, can I cancel the contract without paying a cancellation fee because - Comcast is basically nullifying the contract by changing the terms. I think I may have to read the fine print on that contract.

On top of that, Friday Comcast went down at 9am and wasn't back up and running until 9:40pm. So, right, the American way, pay more for less, or in this case, pay more for nothing. Ah.

My husband got his 'immediate' denture last week and he instantly had the ability to chew. It will be a few more weeks until he gets his 'final' denture, but in the meantime, he can chew.

Me? I'm still waiting, and waiting and... I've been waiting since May 19th. They did make me "immediate' dentures but somehow I was confused with Mr. Ed because the only living creature those dentures would fit would be a horse. So then they carefully crafted me another set of 'immediate' dentures that, wait for it, didn't fit. Now they are working on my 'final' dentures, and I honestly have no hope that I will ever chew again.  I want to bite something soooo bad!

As always, the upside is - I've lost 30 pounds and feel terrific, albeit more than a little hungry. If I ever get teeth that actually work, the problem will be not just keeping the weight off but losing at least another 15 pounds. It feels so good to be less heavy, I gotta tell ya.

And I think I am going to have to find another primary care medical person. The practice I have been going to is less than wonderful and going there always precipitates an anxiety attack. I don't see a doctor, I see a nurse practitioner. She is very knowledgeable, very nice except I don't really like her. This past week, the anxiety attack turned into a full blown panic attack, and after she asked me the same question, for the third time, after I had just answered it twice, I blew up. "Look, I respect you professionally but right now you are plucking at my last nerve" Yup, that's what I said to her.

The one thing that will make me lose my cool, is someone asking me the same question, after I have answered it, again and again.

Just ask my husband.