Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

I don't even want to talk about all the mistakes I made yesterday with the new damn phones. And yet I will because I will always freely admit my mistakes and that I am an ass.

It dawned on me that I need a cell phone like I need another hole in my head. I go nowhere, I do nothing. I am home and therefore I have constant access to my computer or my iPad. The only time I use the phone is to call my husband to pick me up from dr's appointments or if I lose him in the supermarket. I DO NOT need a phone.

OTOH - my husband is out more than I and uses his phone to call home; his family always calls him on his cell phone and of course we use the cell phone to call Comcast when there is a problem (I suppose that alone is worth the price of admission because, well Comcast, no service.)

I did figure out pretty quickly that we hardly needed expensive phones so when we got to the T-Mobile store we just asked for the simplest phones. The young man offered us several options including a Galaxy something or other for $150 and an LG something or other for $175. Hubby chose the Galaxy and I chose LG.

I should have gotten the Galaxy because it is a lot easier to set up and use. I was about ready to just chuck my phone through the wall and it took 3 phone calls to customer care to straighten out my problems.

One of my problems being that I had disabled an app that I needed to run the update that was needed yadda yadda yadda.

The little booklet had no information about what everything was; there was no where to get information about what some of the apps were that were loaded and I deleted or disabled just about everything.  There were no instructions on even how to make a call - so you know fun all around.

This stupid phone was far from intuitive. I could exchange the phone but for a $25 difference in price and a $50 re-stocking fee - - so not worth it, I'll figure some of this shit out.

Wait - more WTH because there are no explanations. I went to the T-mobile page to set up my on-line account and under media settings it said "HD video" and it was set to 'off', so I turned it on - Big Mistake. I got a message that I would be charged for that. I quickly went back to my account and turned it off. Then I called customer care and they couldn't help me because there was no bill to look to see if I was charged. So now I can obsess about this for awhile.

Tired of reading? Me too. I'm waiting to see how many more screw-ups I managed yesterday, and how much it is going to cost me. And I have no one to blame but myself - for being a smartass; for pushing a lot of buttons without knowing what they were for; for rushing in when slow down and take your time would have been wiser.

The good thing? Yesterday was a holiday so all the parking meters were free, hence every available parking space was occupied and we drove around for 20 minutes looking for parking. We finally decided to park in the mall parking lot, that's the mall that is basically closed, and walk blocks to the store. So we did a lot of walking, and standing around, and - here comes the good part - my back didn't hurt, my legs didn't hurt; my chest didn't hurt - I felt almost normal! And that was such a good thing!

But just don't get me started on Comcast.