Monday, January 22, 2018

Bigger is not better; Less is more.

For 27 years now I have been trying to convince my husband that if some is good more is NOT necessarily better. But that is another story altogether.

When we moved here there was a rusty, crappy old microwave in the kitchen. We, quite sensibly, bought a new microwave.  For whatever reason, we bought a 1200 watt microwave. This is an industrial sized microwave and took up a huge amount of space on my limited counter and we discovered, over time, that it was too powerful for what we used a microwave for - directions on a food item said '2 minutes', we learned to change that to 1 minute 30 seconds and even then the food burned.  Lately, after 5 years of use, the turntable was getting super hot, which is not supposed to happen, it was crackling and sparking.  Time for a new microwave - for so many reasons.

I just bought a 950 watt microwave, oh joy! First, it takes up way less space. Second, the difference in 'cooking' time is negligible and the food isn't overcooked, burned, or super hot. Third, and most interesting, it is so very, very quiet. I never realized how noisy the 1200 watt microwave was until we got this smaller one. The lack of noise was the first thing my husband noticed, I'm pretty sure that I was never aware that the old one was noisy; it just was what it was.

Along these same lines, kinda sorta - why is it so hard to get a small, uncomplicated mop?

We used to use the Swiffer mop on the kitchen and bathroom tile floors and quite honestly it doesn't really clean them, leaves a residue and doesn't really touch the grout. You can't scrub with a Swiffer mop.

Because we have miniature bathrooms I wanted a small mop. A sponge mop with a wringer lever. Good luck finding one of those.

First I bought a Mr. Clean Butterfly mop. The price was $28.99 on Amazon. $28.99!! For a mop! The first time I tried to use it, I wet the mop, pulled on the wringer lever and - it broke! Argued with Amazon, they wanted me to send it back. How the hell was I supposed to send back a mop (needless to say I had not kept the original packaging). Finally they just refunded my money.

Then I bought a Rubbermaid PVA roller mop for $19.86. You want to avoid these, truly you do. First, you have to soak the mop for 5 minutes or more to get it soft and pliable. The handle adjusts in length but never locks in place so it collapses when you put any pressure on it.  And it was way too wide and I had to stand out in the hall to mop the bathroom. Then there was the fact that it would take 2-3 days to dry. I was almost happy when it died. How did it die, you ask? No matter how long I soaked the mop it refused to soften; it was just this solid chunk of PVA sponge, rock hard.

Back to the drawing board. Or rather back to googling sponge mops.

I finally found a very basic roller sponge mop, $14.87. The handle is one piece, doesn't adjust. The mop itself is plain old ordinary cellulose, it does have a basic wringer handle, and it is small enough so that both the mop and I fit in the bathroom at the same time. Plus, I can scrub the grout and it dries quickly.

So - bigger is not better; less is more; and plain and simple still rules the day!