Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Charging ahead into the 21st Century

Two weeks ago we finally got smartphones and that was in anticipation of getting rid of the car-car.  We rarely go anywhere more than 3 miles from the house. (I always find it interesting that while I live in an apartment I always refer to it as 'the house'.) Yes, being able to just hop in the car whenever the urge/need to go somewhere arises is convenient, but when that urge/need occurs only once or twice a week, keeping a car with all its expenses, seems, well, inconvenient.

What does getting a smartphone have to do with getting rid of the car, you ask. Why Uber of course.

Mondays my husband goes to the grocery store just for bread (and lottery tickets). This Monday we decided to try Uber, and it was fun. And easy. And we had the nicest driver who showed us how to make that one trip into a round trip. Nice man, G gave him 5 stars.

Today my husband has to go into the office for a mandatory meeting (usually he works from home) and he will Uber. In the past he has taken a cab but Uber seems faster and less expensive since the fee is per trip unlike a cab which is time/miles. Traffic into and out of Washington DC is a nightmare.  Of course he could take public transportation but the Metro system, bus and train, is unreliable at best and takes just a little longer than forever.

Next year, when my contract with Comcast expires, I will be getting rid of the television and telephone portions and be very content with just high-speed internet.

Hellooo 21st century!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~
(There you go David,  not a 'so' to be found but still too many 'ands')