Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Just some odd thoughts...

I posted a version of this on Monday night on FB - so if it's familiar -

My husband watches the local news at 6pm and then World News Tonight at 6:30. Both broadcasts feature advertisements from drug companies - targeting all us old folks sitting at home listening to our arteries hardening, (because the rest of the populace are fighting their way home through rush traffic.) As I passed by the living room I heard an advert for a prescription sleep aid with the caveat "Do not take this if you suffer from narcolepsy"
Seriously? Ya think?

Back in the 80's when Manhattan was the borough of preference, if you lived anywhere else, you were declared "GU" - geographically undesirable, for the purpose of possible romantic interactions. I don't know what dating is like nowadays, but it has never been easy, has it?

Why don't they makes slippers in actual real sizes? Not this - small, medium, large crap that fit absolutely no one? I wear slippers that are usually labeled 'indoor/outdoor' and have non-slip soles. Or at least that's what I keep trying to buy - not very successfully. I buy them, sure enough, but not successfully, insofar as them actually fitting.

I wish I was clever. Which to my mind is not the same as smart, or educated. I think I'm pretty smart, book-wise and street-wise, and I've certainly had a good education and I know a lot of stuff. I'm not sure how to define what I consider clever. Perhaps I can show you...

If I were clever I would be able to come up with the perfect caption for this meme worthy photo: