Tuesday, January 30, 2018

No commitments, No obligations

I don't know if you noticed some changes I made around here.

I removed the comments function. Now you can read, look, listen, watch without any obligation to comment. Sometimes I post things that really don't require a response, and sometimes I post things that I don't want any comments on. Disqus doesn't allow turning off comments on individual posts, and I hate the Blogger comments function - I'd rather have no comments at all. I know some folks feel obligated to comment, especially if I have commented on their blog - that is just silly stuff.  There is no reason why y'all should have to go to the bother to think of something to say when in reality there is nothing to say. It's okay - ya don't have to comment.

So that obligation is gone. You can come and enjoy or ignore - or get pissed at me if you like. No pressure to act or react.

If you simply must communicate with me about something I post and you don't have my personal email address, no worries. At the bottom of the sidebar, underneath 'Blogs to Read', there is an email link to an account set up just for the blog. So easy-peasy on that too.

So that simplifies everything for everyone.