Monday, January 8, 2018

One of my squirrel stories

just to show you what a nice person I am.

Fall day, I'm sitting on a bench in Union Square Park, talking to a friend. I'm turned slightly to my right with my arms crossed over my chest, hugging myself against the cool afternoon air.
Union Square Park
My friend whispers to me "Don't move., just turn your head slowly."

I turn my head to my left and there is a squirrel burying a nut in the crook of my arm!

Friend, really a very new acquaintance, says "You must be a very nice person".

Aww, isn't that sweet?

I have a long history with squirrels. And while there are many squirrels scampering around the property here, because I am on the third floor and do not have a balcony, I don't get to interact with them much. To off-set that I do have -
(There is no sound)