Monday, January 15, 2018

Slip sliding in and out of the 21st century

If we are friends on FB then you know that we have been contemplating getting rid of the car, getting smartphones and just using cabs and Uber to get around.

What started this whole mishegoss was the fact that the car wouldn't start when the weather got super cold and Triple A said there was nothing wrong with the battery per se, just that it was dead. But they got the car started and my husband then took the car out every day, driving around aimlessly to keep the battery going.


Sunday morning, two days of bitter cold after a few days of warmer temps, the car had been sitting since Thursday and whammo - what do you know - car wouldn't start. Called Triple A, they came promptly, took a while to get the car going, they ran tests on the battery etc - nothing wrong that they could find, I mean other than the fact that the battery was dead.  Again.

Hubby took the car out for a run and the brakes blipped a bit when he stopped behind a Salvation Army truck and he bumped the trucks bumper, at 3 miles an hour. He got out, gave the driver our insurance information, took NO information in return, and came home a little out of sorts - he has never had an accident of any kind in all his years of driving.

While we were waiting for Triple A to show up we had talked again about getting rid of the car, when hubby got back from his run-around and bumper bump, he said "That's it, I don't want to drive anymore, I don't want a car". 

While he was gone I had already started researching phones and providers, (ah, what a great way to spend the day but then I had nothing better to do) and I've pretty much decided on T-Mobile and, I hate to say this, but iPhone 8's.

Now the thing is, do I buy the phones from Apple for $699 each, or do I buy them from T-Mobile for $699 each?

Do I want a locked phone or an unlocked phone?

I'll get those questions answered today, and who knows in a day or two we may be among the smartphone contingent. Of course mine will sit in my desk drawer, turned off mostly but hey, just in case, I'll have one.

Then I guess we will sell the car and sign up for Uber (tho I compared prices with our local cab company and they are just about equal.)

Now don't get me started on Comcast...