Tuesday, January 23, 2018

To blanket or not to blanket.

Miss Frankie prefers lying on blankets; anything soft and cushy as opposed to bare - bare floors, chairs, people. Frankie will only maintain contact with a human if there are layers of softness between her and the human. She will sleep on my husband's chest only when he is wearing a hoodie that is zipped up or one of his soft t-shirts. If he is wearing a dress shirt - no deal.

Consequently surfaces in our home are covered with small blankies. We have a loveseat rather than a sofa - the human half is bare leather, the feline half has a blanket, both on the seat and on the back.  This is Frankie's spot, especially in the evening when I occupy the human half.

When I do laundry on Monday's I always toss the blankets in the wash which leaves the loveseat bare for an hour or so.

BB on the other hand really has no preference - he sleeps anywhere including the bare wood floors, tho his preferred place to spend his life is a human's lap. And while Frankie will go high, BB tends to stay low. So Monday, after taking the blankets off the loveseat, I came back from the laundry room to see this...

BB on the blanket-less, high back of the loveseat. This is NOT a spot he usually occupies, if ever. I asked him what the heck he was doing up there - this look is all I got for an answer.