Monday, February 12, 2018

A little research

confirmed my opinion that February is the worst month of the year. Pretty much everyone hates February, for one reason or other - starting with the pronunciation of the word; the ridiculous observance of Groundhog Day, to the despair and the disdain of Valentine's Day. Also the weather pretty much sucks. February is the shortest month of the year and for good reason it seems.

This February has been particularly dreary. Looking around my apartment, which is already painted yellow, I was hard pressed to come up with an inexpensive, useful fix for the dreariness.  Walking into the bedroom I was struck by how drab and dark it seemed, with dark grey sheets and a supposedly lavender but really a dark grey cover - just blah.

I've mostly had a yellow cover on the bed, such a nice contrast to the grey sheets but I haven't been successful in finding a yellow cover/blanket/bedspread that didn't weigh a ton or was the right size. Until now! Yes - I found a 100% cotton, seersucker (I love seersucker) yellow and white striped, lightweight comforter, on clearance, for $49.99 (no tax, no shipping - Score!)

I put it on the bed and even my husband, who doesn't "do" color said "Wow, that makes a big difference". Of course it is also cat approved...
I turned on the hall lights and opened the curtains to get some light in to take a decent photo...