Monday, February 5, 2018

Now that's what you call customer service!

Thursday afternoon my blood pressure monitor ceased working. Quite frankly it was always a pain in the patootie. (The brand was Omron - don't buy their stuff.) So on to a search for a new one. Using Amazon as a starting point I searched, compared and decided on going with one from Greater Goods.  The added plus was one day shipping.

Friday afternoon I received my bp monitor. It was easy to set up (date/time yadda yadda); easy to download the app to my ipad. Now the most important part, taking my blood pressure - but wait! The arm cuff was way too big.

2:28 pm - I sent an email to Greater Goods "I just received this and the cuff is WAY too big. Now what do I do?"

2:29 pm - I received an email back(!!!) - "We can send you a smaller cuff. We will just need your shipping address.

2:32 pm - I replied "Wow - That was a quick response - and Thank You very much!!!" and supplied my mailing address.

2:37 pm - I received an email back - "Thank you. I have now processed your smaller cuff, and it will go out via USPS as soon as possible. You can follow it using this tracking number (number provided) Let me know once it gets to you. "

According to the tracking number a USPS shipping label had been created at 2:36 pm.

The company is in St. Louis, Missouri, and I expect I won't get the new cuff until Wednesday - the USPS being not as efficient as this company  Check them out, and if there is anything they sell that you need, do please patronize this company.

Plus, they do good stuff in the world at large.