Friday, February 23, 2018

So loving the 21st century

Prior to our going car-less we got smartphones, (I know, I know we are so late to the party,) so we could use Uber. I settled on T-Mobile, the carrier we had when we got our first cell phones back in 2003. They have a plan called 55 Plus - we have 2 lines, unlimited everything, all taxes and fees included, and an additional $10 discount for autopay, for a total monthly bill of $80.  Which is only $6 more than our previous cell phone bill (AT&T) which covered only phone calls. Plus T-Mobile has the best customer service. Total win.

Thursday, our first weekly shopping trip without a car was a total pleasure. I got my husband to walk up to the store, just a little less than a mile away. It took us exactly 15 minutes to get there, and my husband deemed it "not bad at all".  Score!

In preparation for our car-less grocery shopping trips I bought 2 insulated shopping bags. I gotta tell ya I'm so loving these bags. I packed quite a bit of stuff in them, they aren't totally rigid but structured enough, so while they fold flat for storage, they stand up straight for loading. Score (again)!

And then there is Uber. Oh where have you been all my life! We've been using it quite a bit in the last week or so and it is perfection. Cab companies have been bitchin' and moaning about companies like Uber putting them out of business, well too bad cab companies because Uber rocks. If you dabble in stocks then buy Uber or Lyft (which we haven't tried yet) because they have nowhere to go but up. The difference in service and cost between Uber and a traditional cab company is like night and day.

Plus, the area we live in is millenial central according to one of our drivers therefore the longest we have waited for a car was something like 10 minutes and that was because I screwed up the request. So: flat rate, no added charges for the number of passengers, no added charges for bags, clean cars, super fast service, cash not needed (tho we do tip in cash) - what is there not to love.

Next Thursday, March 1st, I am getting teeth (hopefully). We are getting a really nice tax refund because of our medical deductions courtesy of the dentist, tho our accountant said we might get audited because of that (I don't care, I have receipts!). Living without a car is proving to be not all that horrible and because of that we are getting more exercise - so as far as I'm concerned we are on a winning streak. Summer and Winter might prove challenging but I suspect we will manage quite well.