Saturday, February 17, 2018

The most mundane things make me stupid happy

You probably have one of these things in your kitchen sink. And you know how disgusting these things are to empty and clean. Unless of course you have figured out a neat and tidy, un-yucky way to do that. I never have. I absolutely skeeve these things.

Shopping on Amazon, for what I can't remember now, I came across this -
It's by Oxo and it's a silicone sink strainer. Oh my! It's wonderful. When it gets all filled with gunk, you just invert the the silicone strainer part, basically turning it inside out,  over the trash bin and everything just slides right out. Because it is silicone it doesn't get all discolored and nothing sticks. This makes me ridiculously happy.

Because there are just the two of us, most of the time we don't generate a lot of dirty dishes, and while I do have a dishwasher I only use it to sterilize our reusable glass water bottles. When I clean up the kitchen after dinner I put the washed items on a kitchen towel to dry. Of course this leads to a very wet towel when all are done. I did buy one of those dish drainers but it is big and bulky and I certainly don't want to leave it out on the kitchen counter all day. Now I have a silicone drying mat! (Also by Oxo).  Works lovely, dries quickly and then I hang it inside the cabinet door under the sink.

I'm beginning to love all things silicone. I also really like Oxo products. Their kitchen gadgets are really the best. And, no, this is not a paid endorsement for Oxo - (wow, wouldn't it be nice if I got paid for sharing about all the things I use and love?)

As you see, it doesn't take much to make me happy.