Tuesday, February 20, 2018


So, it's been what, 4 or 5 days that we have been car-less. The inconvenience has settled in quickly. Monday my husband usually goes to the grocery store to get bread and a few odds and ends but with no car and it being a holiday, meaning the buses which normally run every 45 minutes were running even slower, he wasn't going to make that trip.

Also, his books need to go back to the library but there is no direct bus access, and even tho the library is only 1.5 miles away, the walking you would have to do to get to a bus and from the bus to the library, well, you might just as well walk the whole way, probably take less time.  I have no idea how he will get to the library - take a cab?

I did need milk so I walked to the 'big' grocery store, which is 0.9 of a mile away, not a big deal because I have been walking to the 'little' grocery store lately which is 0.6 of a mile away - so a few blocks more, no big deal. Plus I take shortcuts; Google maps doesn't give you the best routes, as a matter of fact Google map directions are often quite bizarre. There are way too many hills around here but it only took me 15 minutes to walk to the store, same back again except I was carrying some heavy groceries.

I had an eye doctor appointment and I took an Uber each way - that is very convenient, and quick and less than a cab. So all good there, more or less.

Today, I will be walking up to the 'big' grocery store again because I have a prescription to put in and it is going to be one gorgeous day. No groceries to carry back so I will just enjoy the walk but I have to tell ya my back is a little bit achy this morning.

Downside of not having a car - our limited interactions with the world are now even more limited, especially for my husband who refuses to walk anywhere.

Upside of not having a car - I am going to be doing a helluva lot more walking and be healthier for it.

Downside of having to walk everywhere - Summer and Winter.