Saturday, February 10, 2018

What do you read with breakfast?

I am a newspaper person. Given my age (71) and where I grew up (New York City) that should be no surprise.

I grew up with daily access to 4  newspapers . Let's see that would have been the NY Daily News, the NY Daily Mirror, the NY Journal-American and the Long Island Daily Press. When I was in 8th grade the NY Times was added to the list. (There were other newspapers in NYC but these were the ones I read.) The LI Daily Press was delivered, it was an afternoon paper, the other 3 my father brought home in the afternoon and a copy of the Times was distributed in class.

As a kid I'm sure most of my reading was the comics, and aside from the NY Times, all those papers had comics. Sunday mornings my father would go out and buy $3.00 of mixed buns at the bakery and ALL of the papers (except the NY Times, which my father had dubbed "a Communist pink-o paper" - this was the 50's remember.)

As an adult on my own I had the papers delivered, the Daily News and the NY Times; the Journal-American having gone defunct, the Mirror and the L.I. Daily Press not being of great interest to me.

Everywhere I have lived, with the exception of one place in Vermont and the Bahamas, I have had some newspaper or other delivered. (The first place I lived in Vermont was a blip of a place on the Canadian/US border and while newspapers were available at the gas station there was no home delivery and in the Bahamas, there were something like 5 daily newspapers but no delivery service.)

My habits were therefore formed early. Breakfast and a newspaper, or 2 or 3. Here in the Washington, D.C. metro area my local paper is the Washington Post. I used to have the NY Times delivered as well but the cost became prohibitive.

There is a point to this...and it is:

We have gotten used to the paper being delivered at approximately 5am. My husband, he of the rigid schedules, gets up around 4am, feeds the cats, makes his coffee, turns on his work computer, and then has breakfast when the paper gets here. Lately the paper has been getting here well after 7am, and occasionally not at all, totally upsetting my husband's day.  He simply won't have breakfast without a newspaper. That he has had to do so lately upsets him no end.

I get up around 6-7am, and if there is no paper I get a little testy, in a humorous way (walking around in circles, flapping my arms, squeaking "Coffee! Paper! Why is there no coffee and paper?) Still, I do have the option of getting my iPad and reading either the Times or the Post on-line while waiting for the real thing. And nothing takes the place of the real thing.

Breakfast and a newspaper. A way of life for my husband and I. What do you read with your breakfast?