Monday, February 26, 2018

Who's a good boy?

You know that idiot voice we use when we talk to dogs? No matter what you say to a dog using that voice, a dog will respond by wagging its tail and and being all happy, happy.

But not cats. In the 45 years of have lived with cats, I've never had a cat respond to a tone of voice, at least not that I can remember. Y'all are welcome to enlighten me.

BB responds positively to any conversation. When I look him in the eyes, and say, well, just anything, he starts making happy feet. His eyes get wide and he blinks at me. He just loves being spoken to. Miss Frankie, when you talk to her, she usually answers you back. Or gives you "a look" and then marches away.

Talk to BB and you may just as well be talking to a wall, there just doesn't seem to be any comprehension there; Frankie listens and responds appropriately. Could be BB is just dumber than a box of rocks and Frankie is plain smarter.

My first cat was a Siamese. Hoo boy, now there was a cat. I think as breeds go, Siamese are just about the most clever. And lord knows they are chatty. Of course your cat is the smartest cat on the planet, ever!

On a different note - Front page of the paper this morning was something about the Winter Olympics being over. I can honestly say I did not see even 10 seconds of the Olympics. I could NOT care less. Rah, rah my country; boo hiss your country - Why? And then, sports. Winter sports, no less. Snow, ice, cold - none of it captures my imagination or interest.

It's grey and gloomy here, it seems to rain every night and the days are damp and dreary in the aftermath - but that's okay. We desperately need(ed) the rain and, this still being Winter, it could have been *S* - so I'm just counting my blessings where I find them.