Monday, March 5, 2018

Better late than never

I had an emergency appointment at the dentist today - seems my new teeth needed a major adjustment. By Saturday night I was in excruciating pain and when I took the teeth out there was blood! I sent an email to my fabulous dental tech asking for an emergency appointment and she answered me Saturday night! What the heck - I didn't think she would see the email until Monday.  She forwarded the email to the dentist and he texted me to ask if I wanted to come into the office on SUNDAY! Sunday - could you believe that? I said, "No - it's your day off and family time. I can wait till Monday"

This afternoon they did a little re-sculpting and so far so good. I had a check-in for tomorrow already scheduled and they said I should keep that anyway. So, Tuesday, back to the dentist. Gotta love these people.

Also on two occasions today I learned that I was NOT crazy.

G and I walked up to the little market, which unfortunately involves some hills. I said to my husband that one side of the street seemed hillier than the other. Or maybe I was crazy and it was all psychological.  I mean these are city sidewalks. (Okay, suburban/urban sidewalks) the incline must be the same on both sides of the street. As we walked I pointed to side opposite to where we were walking and asked him "Does that incline look steeper to you?" And he said "Yes". Okey dokey then, I'm not crazy.

Then at the dentist I was saying how my tongue seems to scrape against my teeth and it hurts. I offered the opinion that maybe it was just an adjustment I had to get used to since I hadn't had teeth in my mouth for so long. Dear dentist said "Your tongue has expanded because your haven't had teeth, it will eventually adjust back" 'Oh thank you" I said "I thought I was crazy"  I mean, who knew your tongue could grow.

The upside to all this - for the past 2 days the only thing I have eaten has been unsweetened applesauce and this morning I had lost another 2 pounds. Yay me!