Thursday, March 1, 2018

I have to keep a camera on me at all times

because the movie version of this little story would have been hilarious. All I've got is a still shot of the finale.

You may have seen photos I've posted in the past of Frankie napping on my husband's chest while he (my husband) takes his morning nap in the recliner.  This is the ONLY time Frankie will allow direct contact with a human and even at that, only when my husband is wearing one of his thick, soft t-shirts or a hoodie. On the rare occasion when my husband is wearing a dress shirt Frankie passes on the opportunity to nap on a human.

The other morning Frankie was still camped out in the bedroom when 8:30am nap time rolled around in the living room. BB decided that napping with the Da was a great idea and up he got. A few minutes later Frankie's cat alarm went off and out she trotted to the living room for her human contact nap and ACK! BB was there already! Curses!

Yesterday both cats were up, awake and wandering around when the clock hit 8:30 and morning nap time. My husband settled himself in the recliner and called Frankie. She sidled up to the chair, looking furtively around for BB, and up she got to the sofa, the table and then my husband's chest.

Meanwhile, BB was in the kitchen looking around for more food, he heard us urging Frankie to hurry up and get in her spot and into the living room he sauntered. Looking up at the Da he realized Frankie was already in place. BB actually looked puzzled (okay, puzzled is BB's normal expression).  Now BB's problem is - he can't jump. When he wants to sit with my husband in the recliner my husband puts the footrest partially down and Bee kinda just walks up into the chair. My husband wasn't going to accommodate him this time because Frankie was already in place.

The Bee managed to jump on the sofa, table, arm of chair and settle between my husband's legs, his preferred spot.

While all that was going on poor Miss Frankie was watching him closely because she is afraid of BB and I thought she might jump down. When he bypassed her, she settled, he settled and the snoring commenced.

I was laughing at this whole dance, wishing I had a camera to video it. I had to settle for this...