Friday, March 9, 2018

Morning at the hospital having an ultrasound

~ There are clocks everywhere at the hospital center.  Which I find unusual because, if you ever noticed, there are NEVER clocks in doctor's offices, not in my dentist's office either or at any facility where waiting and waiting and waiting is SOP. I suppose they think if you can't check on how long you've been there past your appointment time you might not be as disposed to murder and mayhem. Obviously this hospital thinks differently.

~ The hospital has some of the most amazing art on the walls. I was sitting in the radiology department waiting room and was mesmerized by two watercolors or maybe they were lithographs, they were underglass and I couldn't tell, on the hallway walls. They were both done by the same artist and when I went out into the hallway to look closer for a name or some sort of identification, there was none. I would love one of those prints. Even the ultrasound room I was in had an intriguing painting on the wall - very Gauguin-ish. That one was signed, not by Gauguin of course, but still at least a way to identify the artist.

~ A gentleman came into the waiting room and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Not that he was extraordinary looking, either in a good way or a bad way, or maybe it could be said he was extraordinary looking, because my strong first impression was that his extremities were out of proportion to his body shape/size. His build was narrow; he was below average height but not all that short but his hands, feet and head belonged on another body. They weren't super large, mind you, but just enough so it was noticeable - at least to me.  He was very stylishly dressed and his clothing was quality but they just seemed a tad too large for him. Again, not super too large, just, um, hard to describe. Well tailored clothing, that almost fit him.  Reading my description, it would appear that he was, in all aspects, an almost sort of man.

~ Coming home from the hospital we passed the smallest funeral cortege - a large black SUV led a hearse. I could see that the coffin in the hearse was covered with an American flag. That was it. One car, one hearse. They were probably on their way to Arlington National Cemetery. I whispered "God bless you, whoever you are" and became very sad and my eyes misted up. One car, one hearse - too sad.