Thursday, March 29, 2018

Not My Words Wednesday on Thursday

I almost forgot the most fun day of the week. From the book Kids Pick the Funniest Poems, second chapter, "Parents" - so fun to read outloud. If you have a kid handy, share it with them!

A Sliver of Liver
by Lois Simmie
Just a sliver of liver they want me to eat,
It's good for my blood, they all say;
They want me to eat just the tiniest sliver
Of yukky old slimy old slithery liver;
I'm saying no thanks, not today.
No, I'll pass for tonight but tomorrow I might
Simply beg for a sliver of liver.
"Give me liver!" I'll cry. "I'll have liver or die!
Oh, please cook me a sliver of liver!"
One piece might not do, I'll need two or a few,
I'll want tons of the wobbly stuff,
Of that quivery shivery livery pile
There may not be nearly enough.
Just a sliver, you say? No thanks, not today.
Tomorrow, I really can't say;
But today I would sooner eat slivers of glass,
Eat the tail of a skunk washed down with gas,
Eat slivers of sidewalks and slivers of swings,
Slivers and slivers of any old thing,
Than a sliver of slimy old quivery shivery
Livery liver today.