Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Not My Words Wednesday

One of my favorite books of poetry is "Kids Pick the Funniest Poems" (compiled by Bruce Lansky/Illustrated by Stephen Carpenter/Published by Meadowbrook Press).

I bought the book for myself, as an adult, but later shared it with any kid who crossed my path. So for those of you who still think poetry is not for you, I offer this selection from this delightful anthology -

by Bill Dodds
This week at school in Language Arts,
We studied poetry.
"It's your turn now," Ms. Cratchett said,
"To write a poem for me."
So here I sit, it's after school,
I'm at the kitchen table.
I want to get this over with
As quickly as I'm able.
Now every poet uses words like
"Lo," "forsooth," "sublime."
The reason, if you ask me,
Is they need them for a rhyme.
So they come up with weird old words
That no one uses now,
That make the students cough and gag
And teachers say, "Oh, wow!" 
Here's a few more antique words:
"Bemoan," "methinks," "foray."
I'm not sure what they really mean,
I think I'll get an A. 
Well, that's enough, I'm done with this,
I hope you didn't choke;
This poem might be a classic
Years after we both croak.