Friday, March 30, 2018

Of mulch and manure

Two weeks ago the landscapers were here cleaning up, mowing and trimming and spreading some stuff amongst the shrubs and trees that looks a bit like mulch and smells a lot like manure - Ahh!

Some daffodils has already shown themselves and a few crocuses (or croci, if you prefer) here and there. And then last week it snowed. Poor daffodils, poor crocuses.

This week, while not exactly Spring-like, the rest of the 'hood got landscaped. More manure mulch everywhere - the whole neighborhood smells distinctly farm-like.

Thursday dawned cloudy and dampish, it's been raining for days, but on the more balmy side temperature-wise. We walked up to the grocery store to do the weekly shopping and I noticed that some daffys had survived and seemed to be thriving; the crocus were doing a nice job of spreading some cheer.

After lunch I decided to take camera in hand and do a quick tour of the 'hood.

This car is always parked in exactly this spot and never seems to move - I like it a lot.

There is one property around here that doesn't get the same love and care the rest of the "communities" do except for this one corner plot which right now is looking a bit sad.

On our property, right in front of the building there are trees, lots of ground ivy, azalea bushes (hoo-boy do we have a lot of azalea bushes), and a smattering of daffodils. Also a squirrel...

I took a bunch of photos but I was not well pleased with them. Honestly they were a bit tedious, half-hearted daffodils and crocuses, lots of mulch and manure. These were the most interesting of the bunch.