Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Okey dokey then...

Back from the dentist, adjustments made, pretty darn near perfect now. Once my mouth heals up a little more, we shall see how well this is going to work.  I have to learn how to talk, and I have to master the art of not drooling.

We walked up to Harris Teeter this morning to get more grapes and 'real' food for dinner. Bourbon marinated salmon fillets. We bought G some store-made potato salad and I shall have homemade cucumber and onion salad. Not that it is hard to make cucumber and onion salad - put the slicing blade on the food processor, feed through the cucumbers and the onion, dump that mess into a bowl, add olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper and voilĂ  - Yummyness.

While I mucking about in the kitchen I discovered that we had lost another fork. How the heck do you lose forks! Got 8 knives, 8 soup spoons (aka dinner spoons), 12 teaspoons (the set came with extra teaspoons), 8 cake forks (aka salad forks) but only 6 dinner forks. Where did the forks go?

Anyway, G never liked this set of flatware, it's by Hampton Forge, Bamboo motif -

He says they are too heavy, and honestly they are - the handles are very long and the weight just isn't comfortable or evenly distributed.  So what to my wondering eyes should appear in an email - Homer Laughlin aka Fiestaware, is having a sale on just about everything including flatware.  I show the hubby the set;
he says "They look nice" and bingo! I hit the 'order' button.  These will be so fun and will go nicely with my non-matching Fiestaware dishes.

Yup, nothing in my home actually matches; just color, color and more color. Sophistication does not live here!