Friday, March 16, 2018

This is total bush-wha

around 8am-ish I looked out the window and saw this - Snow! March 16th - Snow. In Northern Virginia. What bush-wha!

Since it is above freezing I don't expect much and even as I type at 8:45am, the sun has come out and the white flakes are almost all gone. There is the merest coating of snow on the grass which I expect will be gone post-haste with the sun.

It just reminded me of Friday, March 17, 1967 - it was St. Patrick's Day and my last day of work at the Social Security Administration office in Rego Park, Queens, NY.

It had started to snow in the morning and by Noon was reaching blizzard conditions, so much so that the office closed down. My friend Denise and I were walking to the subway, and for some reason, youth perhaps, Queens Boulevard looked so pretty and there was no traffic (on this usually super busy street) we thought we would play. We popped into Alexander's Department store to get hats and gloves (we were unprepared for snow) and the proceeded to romp around. The afternoon wore on, the snow piled up; we exhausted ourselves; it was getting dark and finally we figured we had better get going home while we still could.

The subway was still running (after all NYC is the city that never sleeps) but very slowly and it was very empty. Denise had a long trip to upper Manhattan, all by train. I had a much shorter trip to another part of Queens which entailed train and bus. By the time I got to Jamaica and the bus terminal the busses had stopped running. I still had miles to go. And it was after 5pm. No way for it - I had to walk. In the dark and the snow - I mean a lot of snow. Enough snow that the busses had stopped running. That's a lot of snow!

But home I trudged - 3 or 4 miles maybe. Or more. Ah, youth!