Thursday, April 5, 2018

Grub Alert

or, if referring to me, grump alert, anyway.

Got up this morning in a foul mood, which, you may not believe, is unusual for me.  I started pulling apart the newspaper in sections and this fell out -
If you want to read the details, click for a bigger photo
The first thing that caught my bleary eye was the word 'mole' - my brain registered the Spanish word mole, as in sauce.  And I couldn't figure out what the connection was to the cartoon mole or grubs. This did not improve my mood any. I don't need this kind of confusion first thing on waking.  I tossed this nonsense onto the chair along with the unneeded and unwanted Sports section.

One cup of coffee later, I dug this out of the newspaper reject pile and examined it a bit more closely. So, all of you gardeners, Spring grubs are a problem? I'm not sure what a grub is, some sort of bug-like creature that birds eat (?).

Out of the corner of my eye, my brain had registered the green monster on the left, turns out, on closer inspection that's crabgrass (who knew?).  Back in the day when I had to tend to lawns I always thought crabgrass was just as good as any other kind of lawn grass - it was green, what else do you want from a lawn?