Saturday, April 7, 2018

I am not well pleased with these photos

I have always been hesitant to go out with my 'big' camera, paranoia runs deep, as the song goes. There aren't many people about when I go out walking, this is basically a residential neighborhood with a very low, non-existent crime level but, you know, paranoia.

Who ever 'planted' this neighborhood was very consistent, either that or they got a deal on dogwood trees and azalea bushes, 'cause man-o-man have we got a lot of them. But they are super pretty. When we walked to the store Monday I noticed a pair of dogwood, one white, one pink, gracing either side of a courtyard. I vowed to go back and get a photo. Friday was the first nice day we've had all week, so I took the 'little' camera and snapped 45 pics on my walk, except for the squirrel, they all suck.

Here is a sampling, all edited to death -

Took this from across the street; edited it to death including 'artistic painting" - Meh

What caught my fancy with this was the contrast of the pink trees to the soft yellow of the building -

As I walked along I spotted a tiny squirrel, finally got a shot when he scampered up a tree

Still further down the road, a line of quite large dogwoods (and boy am I gonna feel foolish if someone, wiser in the ways of nature than I, and that's just about everyone, says these aren't dogwoods but something else. Please! I am so very open to the truth of the trees.) Instead of more photos of the trees head-on, I snapped some shots looking up through the trees into the sky -

Now this right here is a magnolia tree. Magnificent thing, eh? It is right up against the building, the building is 8 stories high - that's how big this sucker is.

(If, for some reason you want to see any of these in more detail, just click on them and they will biggify.)