Friday, April 6, 2018

Idle thoughts, a list, whatever...

Because today is Friday I was up before the crack of dawn to get the laundry done; the first thing that crossed my mind as I fell out of bed was "I'm so glad I don't have to do this everyday and be showered and dressed and out the door".  Starting with kindergarten, every day, up early, dressed and on the move at ungodly hours of the morning. My first thought is always "How the hell did I manage that?"  Retirement is good. Now if I only had my own washer and dryer it would be even better.

I like to walk funny. And talk funny. And by funny I mean both 'odd' and amusing. At least I am amused. The walking and talking funny is spontaneous. My inner 6 year old takes over, I love her to bits.

When I took acting class my teacher said that she never really got a character down until she discovered the characters walk. I'm sitting trying to remember how I 'got' a character; I think it was when I found their voice, tone and cadence of speech. Of course a really good playwright gives that to you with the characters words. Tennessee Williams was an actor's best friend - you never had to think about tone, accent, cadence, they were all there in the words and speech structure.

I have this incredible urge, compulsion, to do 'art'. I want to put color and shape on paper - I'm thinking of pastels. I really like pastels, they are soft and blendable and swirly. Did I mention soft? And they feel lovely under your fingers when you blend and swirl them.

It's just 9:30 in the morning and I'm waiting to see how the day will turn out - I'm watching the sky to see if the day will lighten up; if it does then I want to get out and photograph some trees I saw yesterday.  I'm still waiting for the damn birds to make themselves visible. They are heard but not seen and I want to use my new lens!

For your enjoyment, I shall end with the delightful silly walks of Monty Python & Co. -