Tuesday, April 3, 2018

If I say ocean

do you think beach? Do you think Summer, heat, crowds? I don't. When I say, think, dream of, oceans I see, hear, smell, crave this...

(This is a one hour video of the ocean - so you only want to check out a few seconds of it)

I am not fond of "the beach" - of Summer, heat, crowds and sand. I've spent time on the rocky coast of Maine as well as the white sand beaches of the Caribbean. What they have in common is - an ocean. 

Keeping in mind that I am deathly afraid of the water, and wouldn't go on a boat if you paid me, I am, have always been, drawn to the ocean. Lakes, rivers - not so much. Not exactly water draws me but rather the ocean.

Nothing in world soothes, calms, transports me like being alone watching, listening, smelling, an ocean. A moving ocean; the ebb and flow, the turmoil of the waves crashing on rocks; the limitless vista, seeing as far as my eyes can see and knowing there is more, that it goes on and on...and it goes down and down. 

And it draws me, soothes me, scares me, and brings me peace.