Friday, April 27, 2018

I'm late to the interwebz today

I was up early after a restless night; did the laundry then tried to nap before a late morning dental appointment.

The dental appointment went on way to long and didn't go well, details NOT forthcoming.

Now I have to play catch-up with my day including getting the bookkeeping done before COB, especially since this is a Friday.

A petty annoyance that has been on my mind - just that - pettiness. At first I get a little angry, then annoyed, then pissed, and then I laugh.  This person takes passive-aggressive swipes at me, without mentioning me by name, and perhaps thinks I don't notice. Perhaps this person thinks I don't notice because I never engage, tho I often tempted to but that would be - petty.

The front of my building is chock-a-block with azaleas. I haven't been out front since Monday and the bushes were just getting some leaves on them, this morning some of the bushes were heavy with flowers but with all the rain they were droopy and looked like they were never going to achieve their full glory. The white azaleas just across the path from the front door are just starting to bud. This crazy weather is not doing the plant life around here any good. What amazes me is how quickly it changes - a day of warm sunny  weather sandwiched in between cool rainy days brings a flash of flowers and color and then it's all gone.

As I've been typing this there has been some crazy bird activity outside my window - if the photos came out even half-way decent, you'll see them tomorrow.