Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~ I am not overly fond of our local Harris Teeter as a grocery store but their pharmacy is aces. We get store discounts for prescription medications to the point where I wonder that they bother to charge us at all. We also get our flu shots there, free of course. We have gotten pneumonia vaccine free as well as the shingles vaccination. There is now a new shingles vaccine, far more effective than Zostavax, which is highly recommended for us old farts. We asked about it today and of course the pharmacy had it, for free, so we had the first of the two shots required. But it's not just cost and availability that makes this pharmacy so great, it's the people working there. The pharmacy manager is a charming young woman named Jackie and with all the customers that go through there she always remembers our names and even which shots we have had, which we need and our prescriptions. How does she do that? Twice I have written to corporate praising her. She is just that good.

~ My husband has always had the nasty habit of interrupting people and mansplaining. It has gotten him into trouble because his "say no more" response wound up committing him to something he didn't want to do or couldn't afford. I won't even mention how much it just plain annoys the living shit out of me. Or maybe I will mention it. Actually I just did.

He also answers rhetorical questions at great length, beating the proverbial dead horse into an unrecognizable pulp. One of these days I swear I will do the same to him.

~ I've been posting a lot of photos of birds called cedar waxwings, as Lin informed me. She is quite taken by these birds, me not so much. The thing that interested me was that they always appeared in a group of 12. Always. Weird that they chose that number. Lin says that they are berry eaters and as soon as the berries are gone so will they be. And sure enough she was right. The huge holly tree outside my window is completed denuded of berries and the birds have disappeared. It's very quiet out there now. These greedy birds, which I have never seen here before, ate up all the good stuff and split. All of the other birds that usually hang out around here have been noticeably absent since the arrival of the cedar waxwings. Maybe they will be back now but goodness knows what they will have to eat. Anyway I don't like them and they remind me of Angry Birds - see?