Friday, April 13, 2018

So here hath been dawning another blue day, think wilt thou let it slip useless away.

Probably. But there are many ways to define 'useless'. I was up earlier than I wanted to be because today is Friday, therefore laundry day.  It wasn't such a blue day when I woke but now, it is on its way to being down right gaw-juss.  Supposed to be 82°  - going to be nice for a walk.  I'll pop up to the little market to get an avocado or two.

There is bookkeeping to be done, bills to pay dontcha' know, up-date the spreadsheets, filing.  I was so tired of looking at the Winter cover, I put the light weight cover on the bed yesterday even tho we still have cool weather in the forecast. The lighter weight and lighter color highlighted depressions in the mattress, so I guess I will be researching new mattresses today as well.  If I remember in time, there will be kitty pedicures as well.

The title of this post is from a poem (oh shock and surprise, right?). The line popped into my head as I walked down the hallway to the laundry room. It's a line that often scrolls through my brain when I see a pretty day. To be honest, until this morning when I looked it up, I had no recollection of where it came from. 

As I started typing this post I thought how happy I was that I have spent so much of my time reading poetry. And how snippets stick so fiercely in my memory and show themselves when needed or appropriate. 

                                        by Thomas Carlyle

                                     So here hath been dawning
                                     Another blue Day:
                                     Think wilt thou let it
                                     Slip useless away.

                                    Out of Eternity
                                    This new Day is born;
                                    Into Eternity,
                                    At night, will return.

                                    Behold it aforetime
                                    No eye ever did:
                                    So soon it forever
                                    From all eyes is hid.
                                    Here hath been dawning
                                    Another blue Day:
                                    Think wilt thou let it
                                    Slip useless away.