Saturday, April 28, 2018

Some bird action yesterday

I was sitting at the dining table and just happened to glance out the window and saw this -
This is a mourning dove, and she was just sitting there. And sitting and sitting. I got up to get my camera, came back. Still sitting. Went and got my other camera, came back. Still sitting. Weird I thought, very weird. She could see me through the window, still she sat.

Then I looked over to the left, to see what she was staring at and saw -
(click to biggify)
A crow! Now I know it is a crow because of it's beak and it's size but it's odd to see a crow on it's own. While I often see crows around the neighborhood I've never seen any in the trees around my building. He seemed to be inspecting that very large nest that has been in that tree for years...
(click to biggify)
The crow flew off in one direction, the mourning dove in the other. The dove circled back, bumped into my window and disappeared.

Now that crow could have been looking for some eggs or baby birds to eat, and that dove may have been scared out if it's feathers, I don't know but it was very quiet around here after they both left. And I neither saw, nor heard, any more birds for the rest of the day.