Thursday, April 26, 2018

You think she knows?

BB and Frankie were at the vet on Tuesday and while quite healthy they both need dental work, which was expected. BB had most of his teeth out years ago, despite brushing he just had/has bad teeth.  The vet said Frankie is in remarkable shape considering her age, except for her teeth, just purrfect.  Needless to say, we scheduled their dental work while we were there - May 16th.

Considering how much dental work for the cats has cost in the past we were dreading getting the estimates,  regardless we would get it done, but you know...

BB's low estimate is $886.77 and the high is 1270.67.  Frankie's low is $718.54 and the high is $1061.37. For those of you with pets you know those numbers are VERY reasonable. And for those of you without pets, trust me, they are.

What impresses me is that animal care is more advanced than human care.  Animals now get an injectable pain reliever that lasts for approximately 3 days and if needed, an injectable anti-biotic so we don't have to administer medications at home. How great is that?

Anyone with cats knows what fun (NOT) it is giving cats meds and I can tell you from past experience that pain killer shot works really well.

Why isn't there a pain shot like that for humans?  I bet if people were sent home, having received a shot of pain killer that lasted 3 days instead of a renewable prescription for an opioid,  there might be a lot less abuse. Personally I seldom took all the pain killers I was prescribed and never re-newed a script, and that included the time I was in the hospital for 5 days just for pain management - so you know we were talking pain here, but I bet an extended release pain shot would have kept me out of the hospital and made my recovery easier.

So why no extended release human pain shot? I bet big pharma has something to do with that, ya think?