Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Even tho they usually spend most of the morning

napping in the bedroom I can still feel their absence. We dropped the cats off at the vets around 7:45am. Needless to say they were not happy campers this morning. Just like for humans, the cats could only have water after midnight. We picked up their dry food when we went to bed last night at 10pm and by 3am, their usual "wake up the human for breakfast" time, they were pretty much frantic. They spent the next 4 hours circling in and out of the kitchen, looking up at the counters and meowing pitifully.

Miss Frankie hid under the bed first and we had to 'broom' her out. While we put her in her carrier BB figured out we were up to no good and it was his turn to hide under the bed. We 'broomed' him out too. Unless we hear differently, we pick them up at 5:15 this afternoon.

The thunderstorms that hit Monday night are supposed to continue every day until next Monday. Eight days of thunder storms, that's, dare I say, a boat-load of rain. I expect by next week a walk around the hood will present lush thick lawns, trees, flowers and vegetation of all kinds. I haven't been on a neighborhood ramble for a few days but I noticed on our drive to and from the vets that roses have spent that time blooming like crazy and many are already blown and on their way out. The rose bushes I saw were simply laden, over-burdened, with blooms. What a difference heat and then rain makes for roses.

Da Mama sent me photos of the Baby Princess this morning - she is growing in leaps and bounds, as babies are wont to do...It seems there were lots of 'firsts' this week including a trip to the beach/ocean. (I shall have to ask where they went because they live in Vermont and there ain't no ocean front there.)