Tuesday, May 15, 2018


We had some major weather last night. The local 6 o'clock news was all weather! Around 3am this morning thunder woke me up from a dead sleep. Hell, it even woke my husband up and scared the shit out of the cats. I have lived through massive major hurricanes, tornados and derechos and never, ever have I heard thunder like that. Husband said it sounded like boulders were being dropped directly on the building.  I've just never heard thunder that loud and deep and close. It was so immediate. So hard to describe. Frightening tho...

I'm trying to find a new primary care health provider and not having much success. I was told several times that they were not taking new patients. I think if they knew which insurance I have they would have jumped at the chance to put me on their books because in this part of the world my health insurance is primo.  My current primary care practice regards me as a cash cow for their organization. If I say some thing like "my left index finger and my right index finger hurt" I will be told "Here is a referral to a left index finger specialist AND a right index finger specialist and they are both at our affiliated medical center".  Nothing ever gets treated at the office, everything gets referred to a specialist and if I blow off the referral because I know it's a waste of time and money, they will harp on it. How many times do I have to say "No". Nothing annoys me more than being asked the same question over and over. You asked me once, you got my answer, move on. (Just ask my husband about this little personality quirk of mine.)

The cats are off to the vet on Wednesday morning - major dental work for the pair of them. G brought their carriers in from the storage room and they took one look and skedaddled to the safety of under the bed.  Wait till they find out that they won't be getting any breakfast - oh joy. You won't want to be here listening to their pathetic, but loud, howls of unhappiness.

Miss Frankie looked so cute this morning, trying to get some sleep but not quite managing to settle in - I did some editing on this one, just for fun.