Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday Songs

Yes, I do have a sappy side and Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, the book, the movie, the soundtrack, is a perfect example of it...I offer you one of my favorite songs from the movie (oh, hell, I love each and every one of the songs...)

Saturday, May 19, 2018

In response to comments

First - it is still raining, and will continue to do so, we are told, until at least Tuesday, then a short respite of a few days and more rain predicted for the weekend. Oh Joy!

As for the cats - feeding them separately - we have always done so.  They have different eating 'styles'. BB prefers wet food and scarfs his down. Frankie prefers dry food and she is a nibbler. So that works out well enough normally with Frankie getting wet food in the mornings up on the counter and BB eating dry food only when he is desperate. We leave the dry food out all the time because - Frankie the nibbler. Wet food is doled out in small portions throughout the day.

Since the vet indignity Frankie refuses to be picked up, even to get food on the counter, breakfast on the counter is the ONLY time she will let us pick her up. (Actually, my husband is the only one who can pick her up, she won't let me.) She is still avoiding us but as of today she has started asking to be petted. And while she won't be picked up, being petted is her prime directive.

Over the last few months I have been trying to get Frankie to eat more wet food and the involves me following her around the house with a small portion of food begging her to eat. She gets fed on her cat perch, on the sofa, under various tables - just anywhere I can entice her and protect her from BB.

BB has excellent hearing - somehow he can hear her eating, even while in a dead sleep under the bed! And out he will trot - as soon as Frankie sees him she bolts.

Since the vet, Frankie is even more wary of BB, poor girl is constantly looking over her shoulder (and still wandering in circles).  She is wary of us as well - when I can entice her to eat, I have to put her food down, step away slowly and then get out of sight. I hope she gets over this soon because it is stressful for all of us.

Except BB of course.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Fallen Angel

According to this morning's paper Thursday was the 6th day in a row that it has rained, it's raining now so that makes this the 7th day of rain and with a brief respite on Sunday (maybe) it will continue to rain until Tuesday.

When I sat at my desk this morning I discovered my angel, which hung from the ceiling over my desk via a Command hook, had fallen. I know how she feels.

While I am not a morning person I rarely wake up grumpy, just usually a little vague, requiring silence.

This morning I am grumpy, out-of-sorts, short-tempered, snippy and on the edge of tears.

Chalk up my mood to the weather, to the lack of sleep, to being super annoyed with my husband (the cause of my lack of sleep), to the fact that I really need to go to the grocery store but I don't fancy walking 2 miles in the rain lugging groceries.  I'm more than a tad frustrated with my life at the moment. And I am hungry.

BB is still high as a kite, either sleeping under the bed or stretched out across the kitchen doorway keeping an eye on his food dish - he is consuming enormous amounts of food. Frankie on the other hand, is still a bit discombobulated and walking in circles through the kitchen. She hasn't really eaten anything since Tuesday night - she misses her kibble. I tried wetting her kibble to make it soft and she eats just a tiny bit before BB notices she has food and he chases her and eats her food. I am ready to just drop him off at the nearest shelter because I have no patience for his greediness. Frankie still won't let us pick her up to put her on the counter so she can eat there and I'm getting pissed. The girl needs to eat!

My world is just damp and dreary and generally ugly right now - and so am I.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Oops - I forgot again - Whimsical Wednesday on Thursday

Let's see what's up this week from Kids Pick the Funniest Poems. Chapter 9 - Advice.  

          The Early Bird
              by John Ciardi

          The early bird - so I have read -
          Gets the worm. I stay in bed
          And put myself in the worm's shoes.
          Had it stayed in for one more snooze
          And then a second, then a third,
          By then, would not the early bird
          Have gone to feed the early cat?
          I take a worm's eye view of that.
          Why get up early just to start
          The day as bird food? Call that smart?
          Ask any worm and it will say,
          "Being eaten spoils my day!"
          Getting out of bed too soon
          Spoils mine. Call me at noon.

(And that is the last chapter of the book. I know you all have enjoyed these. I can safely recommend this book to anyone - child or adult. It is available as an e-book or hardcover if you would like to treat yourself or someone you know.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Even tho they usually spend most of the morning

napping in the bedroom I can still feel their absence. We dropped the cats off at the vets around 7:45am. Needless to say they were not happy campers this morning. Just like for humans, the cats could only have water after midnight. We picked up their dry food when we went to bed last night at 10pm and by 3am, their usual "wake up the human for breakfast" time, they were pretty much frantic. They spent the next 4 hours circling in and out of the kitchen, looking up at the counters and meowing pitifully.

Miss Frankie hid under the bed first and we had to 'broom' her out. While we put her in her carrier BB figured out we were up to no good and it was his turn to hide under the bed. We 'broomed' him out too. Unless we hear differently, we pick them up at 5:15 this afternoon.

The thunderstorms that hit Monday night are supposed to continue every day until next Monday. Eight days of thunder storms, that's, dare I say, a boat-load of rain. I expect by next week a walk around the hood will present lush thick lawns, trees, flowers and vegetation of all kinds. I haven't been on a neighborhood ramble for a few days but I noticed on our drive to and from the vets that roses have spent that time blooming like crazy and many are already blown and on their way out. The rose bushes I saw were simply laden, over-burdened, with blooms. What a difference heat and then rain makes for roses.

Da Mama sent me photos of the Baby Princess this morning - she is growing in leaps and bounds, as babies are wont to do...It seems there were lots of 'firsts' this week including a trip to the beach/ocean. (I shall have to ask where they went because they live in Vermont and there ain't no ocean front there.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


We had some major weather last night. The local 6 o'clock news was all weather! Around 3am this morning thunder woke me up from a dead sleep. Hell, it even woke my husband up and scared the shit out of the cats. I have lived through massive major hurricanes, tornados and derechos and never, ever have I heard thunder like that. Husband said it sounded like boulders were being dropped directly on the building.  I've just never heard thunder that loud and deep and close. It was so immediate. So hard to describe. Frightening tho...

I'm trying to find a new primary care health provider and not having much success. I was told several times that they were not taking new patients. I think if they knew which insurance I have they would have jumped at the chance to put me on their books because in this part of the world my health insurance is primo.  My current primary care practice regards me as a cash cow for their organization. If I say some thing like "my left index finger and my right index finger hurt" I will be told "Here is a referral to a left index finger specialist AND a right index finger specialist and they are both at our affiliated medical center".  Nothing ever gets treated at the office, everything gets referred to a specialist and if I blow off the referral because I know it's a waste of time and money, they will harp on it. How many times do I have to say "No". Nothing annoys me more than being asked the same question over and over. You asked me once, you got my answer, move on. (Just ask my husband about this little personality quirk of mine.)

The cats are off to the vet on Wednesday morning - major dental work for the pair of them. G brought their carriers in from the storage room and they took one look and skedaddled to the safety of under the bed.  Wait till they find out that they won't be getting any breakfast - oh joy. You won't want to be here listening to their pathetic, but loud, howls of unhappiness.

Miss Frankie looked so cute this morning, trying to get some sleep but not quite managing to settle in - I did some editing on this one, just for fun.

Monday, May 14, 2018

A Foggy Monday Morning...

My view at 6:15 am -

And when I say 'foggy day' I hear this...