Thursday, April 16, 2015

Befores and Afters

We've been living here for 3 years now and every year I do a little renovating. Changing stuff that either I hate or that's old and worn out.  Major stuff was done yesterday with one more little change to come in the next week or so...

Let's start with that ridiculous excuse for a bathroom in the master suite - the sink is in a little alcove and the toilet and bathtub are in a teeny tiny room. Not a lot one can do about the size, tho some people in the building have moved the wall next to the commode. At any rate there was a pedestal sink - totally useless item. I repeat - pedestal sinks are USELESS and ugly...

But a wood vanity in nutmeg and a grey granite top, 2 drawers and a side cabinet...PERFECT.

The only thing to be done with the toilet/bathtub room was get a smaller (and better quality) commode. So we went from this...
To this (it's a comfort height, dual flush with soft close seat) - you probably can't tell but this does make the room look bigger) plus the bottom is one piece and so much easier to clean.

And then there were the ceiling lights. Last year we replaced the ones in the kitchen and dining area (a nipple/boob fixture in the kitchen and in the dining room a huge, ugly cut glass monstrosity).  By the front door, along the hallway and in the bedroom entrance there were these butt-ugly cut glass lights with tacky gold/bronze trim. Plus they hung about 6+ inches from the ceiling; our ceilings are only 8-feet high - Just NO to everything. (Horrible, aren't they?)

Now we have plain, simple lights with just a 4-inch drop from the ceiling.  The ceilings actually feel higher; it's just a nice clean look.
front door photo IMG_1090_zpsnev6dctb.jpghallway photo IMG_1093_zpsfmkegxiq.jpg

The only thing left to do (for now) is change the hall bathroom vanity top from that ugly ubiquitous brown to the same grey granite as the new vanity.

I am such a happy camper!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It's all grey and green

I think the maintenance guys painted the lawns green yesterday while they were mowing...everything is lush and plush and green.

After yesterday's brilliant sunshine we have grey skies and a constant light rain...bleah. And so it will be for the rest of the week - 5 days (at least) of rain and bleah.

And yet - today seems a bit cozy. The windows are open; it's cool but not too cool; a bit humid but not uncomfortable.

Rain, this light curtain of rain, damps the sounds of the day as it dampens the trees. The grey clouds soften the sky and the passing of time...

It's a cozy day...the silver lining.

Monday, April 13, 2015

They got that right

April showers bring May flowers and damn I'm getting the ark ready. Last week was mostly rainy and dreary - one day of sunshine maybe? So I've been in a funk. I need sunshine, the lollipops and roses are easily forgone, but never, ever the sunshine. And this week is more of the same. Feh!

With the slightly warmer temperatures my windows are open, I might be wearing a sweatshirt indoors, but the windows are open - which means the Birds, the Birds...

I love the birds, I do, really, I do, but-but-but why must they get up so early and be so loud? 4am - like clockwork - BIRDS - loud, lots of them, loud.

And of course it must be Spring because the jumbo jet lawn mowers are out and about - precisely at 9am - with the leaf-blowers to follow shortly thereafter...

Why must every silver lining be encased in a cloud? (I don't need a negative to appreciate the positive, so don't quote me any of that crap.)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Deemed perfect

If you visited Sunday's Today's Conversation, then you know my husband did not give me a 25th Wedding Anniversary present.  That was not unexpected because we have never celebrated or acknowledged our wedding anniversaries. It's not because I am unsentimental and unromantic, which admittedly I am, unsentimental and unromantic, it's because it was a dreadful day.

I did get a present for my husband. I found the perfect gift last Fall and just recently bought it and had it framed.

The only back story you need to know for this is that I never aspired to be married and that by the time I was in my 30's I said "All I want is to come home at night and have someone put their arms around me, and lie to me and tell me that everything is going to be all right".

This comes closest to that...and best expresses how I feel.

I left it on the dining table for my husband to find when he got up in the morning. When I got up (hours later) I asked him if he liked it and he said "I haven't been able to work all morning because I can't get it out of my head. It is perfect."

And for us, it is. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Squirrels! Yay!

I lovey squirrels. When I lived in Philadelphia I really missed them. There weren't any trees or parks or green space where I lived. That's all changed now. I have trees and sky and birds and...