Tuesday, August 30, 2016

And finally - Summer is on it's death bed

and not a moment too soon. Summer is depressing and I'm getting very impatient with feeling depressed. Closed windows, non-stop air conditioning - it's too much. I can't sleep, I can't breathe; I can't cope. No wind, no rain, no cloudy days and cool nights. It kills me.

This Summer has been brutal, 2 solid months of 90+ temps and 90+ humidity and triple digit heat indexes.  Anyone who denies climate change is a moron; I don't know how much more proof they need.

Actually the past year has been less than wonderful, weather-wise. Winter brought another snowmaggedon.  Spring was non-existent - weeks of rain - not piddling little showers but RAIN. Every Day. For weeks at a time. Then boom - right into the Summer from hell - literally.

I hate Summer, always have. I've never liked the heat but that was the least of my hating of Summer. School was closed during Summer and school was my safe place when I was a kid. As soon as I could take advance classes in summer school, I signed up. It was a legitimate reason to be away from home. And being away from home was a good thing, a very good thing. Being away from home for school made it even better.

Happy day today - windows are open and my copy of the latest Inspector Gamache book came today. I do like that about pre-ordering a book - you get it first thing on the release day. If you like character driven books then you will like these. And the geography is also a major character - you will want to visit Three Pines, I promise you. If you haven't read any of the books yet, I can't recommend them more highly. Your library has them and yes, they really should be read in order.

So I am off now to lunch and my book.

And ever so happy to see Summer Die. (Die Summer Die!)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Can you even stand the excitement?

Yeah, me either.

I actually left the apartment 3 times this week. 3 times. That's 2 times more than I usually do. So doctor, grocery store, grocery store. Can you stand the excitement.

The Weather: Summer refuses to die. After 3 days of lovely weather, we have started another 2 weeks of heat, humidity and triple digit heat indexes.  Who says there is no such thing as global warming? Point them out to me and I will gladly smack them upside their head.

Books I Didn't Finish:
'Gilead' by Marilynne Robinson - I have no idea what this book was supposed to be about - boring.
'The Marriage of Opposites' by Alice Hoffman - semi-fictional biography of Camille Pissaro's mother - Why?
'The Power of Habit' by Charles Duhigg. Recommended by my cardiologist. Basically an entire book that says to break a habit you should replace it with another habit. Um, DUH.
'Career of Evil' by Robert Galbraith aka J.K. Rowling. A series featuring a private detective. I liked the first one, sort of. Absolutely enjoyed the second one; by the third one, it had gotten old.
'Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler - I think I discussed this in a previous post.

The list actually goes on for a bit.  There was a time when if I started a book, I finished it, come hell or high water. I no longer have that kind of patience or fortitude.

What is Making Me Happy: New shower curtain hooks.  I had round plastic circles that didn't snap closed - they were supposed to but they never did, so every day they would work loose from the shower curtain. PITA I bought metal rings that close, they slide nicely along the shower curtain rod and that makes me happy.

A Shark Navigator cordless vacuum. Now I can clean up the kitty litter that BB tracks all over the place easily and quickly and not have to ask my husband to vacuum every day. This makes me VERY happy.  Over the past 4 years I have bought various light weight floor cleaning type machines, none of them very efficient.

I cleaned my refrigerator. I did need to ask hubby for some assistance since I can't bend and cleaning the fridge requires a lot of bending. I threw out so many condiments - stuff that had been in there for years. Years! A clean fridge is a very pretty thing. Also an empty one. Nice.

What is Making Me Unhappy: Now that my blood pressure in under control I can go back to the dentist. I am petrified of going to the dentist. I totally lost it; I broke down in hysterical tears when I went in just for a consultation. That's why I have dental work done under sedation. Not looking forward to making that appointment.

Facebook now has this thing where they put sponsored posts ie: advertisements in your news feed. I hate that so I report every one of them as a scam, block and hide them. It annoys me no end.

Politics: Seriously, this is the best we can do? I don't want to hear about it. I have hated Donald Trump for a lot longer than most of you - way back since the 70's.  My old boss must be rolling in his grave with laughter.

Did someone ask how I was? And now aren't you glad that you did? Oh, no you're not? I don't blame you.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Once more before I die

I would like to go tooling down the highway in a convertible with the top down; but this last time I want to be standing up, waving my arms and singing this song at the top of my lungs...

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I'm going to love this photo forever

Washington D.C. Mayor, Muriel Bowser and Washington D.C. Chief of Police, Cathy Lanier.  This image says so much - Two powerful women, in action, radiating confidence. So much symbolism here; so powerful. The sad part? This was taken on the occasion of the resignation of Police Chief Lanier.  She is probably the best Chief of Police D.C. has ever had...