Monday, April 23, 2018

The comics are the fount of all wisdom

Somewhere in the comments recently there was a discussion about how I am not a hugger. I don't really like being hugged, and consequently, hugging someone back, tho I suppose hugs are mutual since giving and getting a hug usually occur simultaneously,

Annnywaaay - Today's comics page gave me this, and I couldn't have said it better (because if I could have, I would have.)

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Songs

Y'all just sing along now...

Saturday, April 21, 2018

So NOT looking for compliments, there was a point to that and this is it.

but thank you anyway. I have never considered myself beautiful, not by a long shot or even by anyone's standards and certainly not 'pretty' BUT I always said I was "attractive if you like my type" and that still holds true.

What struck me, about me in those good old days, was - Hey, what an interesting looking, good looking woman. I never knew that! I never thought I was ugly, mind, but I was outside the norm and not in a spectacular way.

I grew up in a blond hair/blue eye/Anglo world. I did not watch television, see movies, read books or magazines where the people looked like me. Even tho NYC is a multicultural city what we now call 'social media' was all Anglo/blond/blue all the time - at least that is how I perceived it. I even remember being AWARE of it as a pre-teen, starting to get interested in clothes, fashion, boys.

Parade Magazine, which is still in existence, featured the teens of the Anglo ideal, what we would now deem stereotypical cheerleader types on the front cover. This is what we were supposed to aspire to and damn, but I was never going to get even remotely close to that!

I always had a passion for performing (seriously - quiet mousey me wanted the stage) but I realized soon enough that people who looked like me weren't in front of the camera or center stage. I decided to concentrate on 'behind' rather than in front; the director not the actor. I actually applied to drama schools with that intent. (Obviously I didn't get into any but that's another story.)

I look now at those photos of me then, and I'm taken with how I looked. Nowadays, that girl would have no problem impressing a casting director. That may seem a bit egotistical but it not, it's the reality of how the world has changed.

Different time and I coulda been a contenda!

Friday, April 20, 2018

It's been a busy day

and I'm late to the blog.

Up early to do laundry; then the dentist then Trader Joe's then lunch at 2:30! Still much to do today.

The receptionist/bookkeeper person at my dentist is getting married in September and as much as I always seem to be there we have talked over these months about her wedding (I knew she was getting engaged before she did!) and I mentioned that I got married in red and she wanted to see a photo. I brought a photo with me today and she dubbed me "the coolest person I know" Sweet child.

As I was putting the photo back in the album I flipped through some of the photos I have of me when I was young, and while I was never a conventional beauty, damn, I was good looking...LOL

Thursday, April 19, 2018

It's a name not a description

One of my failings, of many, is that I am often ungracious especially when it comes to receiving gifts or compliments.

I received an unexpected gift yesterday and my emailed 'thank you' included "Please don't spend your hard-earned money on me" That was ungracious. So please Lisa pardon my ungraciousness and do not think I am ungrateful. Quite the contrary, I am VERY grateful that you actually paid attention to me.

Gifts (and compliments) make me very emotional and I don't know what to do with them, the emotions I mean. Quite often I gush to the point of embarrassment, for both me and the gift giver. I am always just so taken aback that someone would give ME a gift. And when it is an extremely thoughtful gift, when someone paid attention to some little thing I said, I am reduced to a complete puddle of tears and mush.

I love to give gifts, nothing makes me happier. I would spend every penny I have on gifts if I could. It makes me so happy to surprise someone and make them happy. Or make them laugh or give them something useful that I know they need or want.

When I am ungracious receiving a gift I am taking away that happy feeling from the gift giver. If it makes me happy to give a gift doesn't it stand to reason that it makes other people happy to give gifts?

I am going to stop beating myself up on this but I am going to try to be self-aware on the subject.  I am going to have to remind myself before I write that thank you note that there is pleasure in giving as well as receiving. If someone cares about me enough to send me a gift then I should thank them for that as well. Because it's the caring that counts as much as, if not more so, than the material gift.

I'm feeling a bit like Sally Field here -

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wednesday Whimsy

Let's see what's up this week from Kids Pick the Funniest Poems. Chapter 5 - SchoolOh my favorite group of poems, and this is the best of the best!

Mrs. Stein
by Bill Dodds

The school bell rings, we go inside,
Our teacher isn’t there.
“Maybe she’s sick!” her pet cries out.
Yeah, right. As if I’d care.

I have a D in Language Arts,
My grade in math’s the same.
And now my teacher might be sick.
Could be I’m part to blame.

She doesn’t like me, that’s a fact,
I wouldn’t tell a lie.
She says stuff like: “You’re very smart,
But you don’t even try.”

I start to laugh—my teacher’s sick!
And boy, I’m feeling fine . . .
When someone knocks the door right in,
And there stands Frankenstein.

She’s six-foot-eight, her dress is black,
She’s wearing combat boots.
I start to gasp, she growls and says,
“I’ll be your substitute.”

The teacher’s pet is whimpering;
She doesn’t stand a chance.
The smart kid stares and points and faints.
The bully wets his pants.

“My name is Mrs. Stein,” she says,
And every student cringes.
She leans the door against the wall,
She’s knocked it off its hinges.

“Now let’s begin. You there! Stand up!”
She looks me in the eye.
I try to move, my legs won’t work.
I know I’m going to die!

In one big step she’s next to me,
And she does more than hover.
She blocks the sun, it’s dark as night,
My classmates run for cover.

“Now get up to the board,” she says.
“I’d like to see some action.
Pick up the chalk, explain to us
Division of a fraction.”

I leap away to save my life,
This time I really try.
I think and think and think and croak,
“Invert and multiply.”

“Correct! She says. I breathe again
And head back for my chair.
“You, FREEZE!” she shouts, and I stop cold.
“And don’t go anywhere.”

This all begins at nine o’clock,
I fight to stay alive.
It seems to last a million years—
The clock says nine-o-five.

That’s just three hundred seconds,
And then my turn is through.
She points at every one of us—
“Now you. Now, you. Now, you.”

We all get nailed this awful day,
There’s nowhere we can hide.
The lunch bell rings, we cannot eat,
We simply crawl outside.

We can’t believe the other kids
Who run and play their games.
Not us, who have big Mrs. Stein—
Our world is not the same.

The bell has tolled, I must go in,
My time on earth is through.
I’ll leave this on the playground—
Here’s what you have to do.

You must listen to your teacher
And pray her health is fine,
Or one day soon you’ll hear the words:
“My name is Mrs. Stein.”

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~ I am not overly fond of our local Harris Teeter as a grocery store but their pharmacy is aces. We get store discounts for prescription medications to the point where I wonder that they bother to charge us at all. We also get our flu shots there, free of course. We have gotten pneumonia vaccine free as well as the shingles vaccination. There is now a new shingles vaccine, far more effective than Zostavax, which is highly recommended for us old farts. We asked about it today and of course the pharmacy had it, for free, so we had the first of the two shots required. But it's not just cost and availability that makes this pharmacy so great, it's the people working there. The pharmacy manager is a charming young woman named Jackie and with all the customers that go through there she always remembers our names and even which shots we have had, which we need and our prescriptions. How does she do that? Twice I have written to corporate praising her. She is just that good.

~ My husband has always had the nasty habit of interrupting people and mansplaining. It has gotten him into trouble because his "say no more" response wound up committing him to something he didn't want to do or couldn't afford. I won't even mention how much it just plain annoys the living shit out of me. Or maybe I will mention it. Actually I just did.

He also answers rhetorical questions at great length, beating the proverbial dead horse into an unrecognizable pulp. One of these days I swear I will do the same to him.

~ I've been posting a lot of photos of birds called cedar waxwings, as Lin informed me. She is quite taken by these birds, me not so much. The thing that interested me was that they always appeared in a group of 12. Always. Weird that they chose that number. Lin says that they are berry eaters and as soon as the berries are gone so will they be. And sure enough she was right. The huge holly tree outside my window is completed denuded of berries and the birds have disappeared. It's very quiet out there now. These greedy birds, which I have never seen here before, ate up all the good stuff and split. All of the other birds that usually hang out around here have been noticeably absent since the arrival of the cedar waxwings. Maybe they will be back now but goodness knows what they will have to eat. Anyway I don't like them and they remind me of Angry Birds - see?