Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sending you to meet my friends 'cause I'm kinda busy.

Me and my big mouth got me tasked with doing the condo newsletter. Since Monday afternoon I've been trying to do that - not easy because there are no desktop publishing programs for MACs - at least not free ones.  Very frustrating - I used to use Publisher, a Microsoft program, for such things, when I did such things, back in the pre-MAC days. If I drank I would be too hungover to type this, but since I don't, I have just been throwing things - mostly tantrums. But I think I have solved my problem, so lots of writing and formatting is in my immediate future.

One of the dearest people  I know wrote about what is now called the Christmas wars - and the retailization of the December holidays, of which there are many,  and - well, just go read it.

Lin, still mourning the passing of her beloved Gracie, has opened her home and heart to a new kitty, and I'm sure both her family and the kitty will be thankful for that.  Go meet the new kitty.

Ann reminded me of a favorite song that I often sang, out loud, while walking about - The 59th Street Bridge Song .  The official name of the bridge is The Queensborough Bridge (or more recently the Ed Koch Queensborough Bridge) but we native NY'ers always and ever called it The 59th Street Bridge, and I've walked it.  A video of the song dubs it the happiest song on earth and I agree.

I know there was a recent song called "Happy" performed by some guy in a funny hat, and I know I must have heard it, once, but it didn't stick in my head like MY happy song...

So here's hoping everyone is feeling a little groovy today...

Sunday, November 22, 2015

But where are the cats?

Humans getting ready to veg out in front of the tv - but where are the cats? Oh, there they are - in the Mama's office - just hanging out.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

For someone who hates to cook

this was the perfect meal and damn tasty to boot...

What you're looking at is fresh mozzarella (or what passes for such around here), sliced and drizzled with olive oil and 4 different kinds of olives (oil cured black olives, kalamata olives, cracked green olives and green olives with garlic).

Then there is the shrimp - Argentine red shrimp, defrosted, dressed with olive oil, garlic powder, basil and a dash of lemon. They marinated in the mixture for about an hour.  As the broiler heated up, I added seasoned bread crumbs to the shrimp, a touch more olive oil, tossed them around till nicely coated and then broiled them - takes, what, a max of 5-6 minutes to cook.

And then voilà - Easy peasy, hardly any cooking, dinner that I totally loved! Took maybe 15 minutes, including prep time, what's not to love about a meal like this!