Friday, August 28, 2015

And the significance is...?

In the book I am reading the name Gerald Bull comes up frequently. Some times even more than frequently. Like every sentence. So?

I see the word Gerald, I recognize each letter as what it is but in my head I say Gerard. So I stop reading and I concentrate on the word and I silently say Ger-ald, often more than once, so I can imprint it. That doesn't work because the next time the name comes up, it happens again - see Gerald, hear Gerard.

It's been making me crazy, so much so that it is interfering in my enjoyment of the book. I finally just said the hell with it and have stopped 'correcting' myself. I read Gerald, I hear Gerard and I just keep on reading.

The name Gerard has no personal meaning for me. I know no one with this name and to the best of my knowledge, never have. So what is the significance?

This is driving me nucking futz.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday's Shopping Report

Nothing extraordinary today.  Usual group of seniors moving s l o w l y along the aisles, leaving their carts any-which-where. Lately we have been bumping into half of our building at the grocery each Thursday, last week a lady said that maybe someone should start a Thursday shuttle service from the building.

Today we shared the elevator with an elderly couple who were headed to the same grocery store.  They pulled out of the parking lot after us riding a honking big red Cadillac and my husband laughed and said "the classic, stereotypical old person's car".

Good shopping day tho - saved $42.45. Rib-eye steak was on sale and Coca-Cola was buy 2, get 3 free; I don't drink the stuff but my husband lives on it (Diet Coke with lime) - coffee and Coca-de-Cola. And yet he naps 3 times a day.

We'll be having cream cheese and lox (was on sale) on everything bagels for dinner with a side of fresh mozzarella, tomato and onion salad. Steak and baked potato w/sour cream tomorrow. I would have loved to have bought more rib-eyes but they just don't taste as good once they have been frozen and defrosted.

Sorry there was nothing amusing or annoying at the store today but I am stoked about the nice sales I hit. Of course I wouldn't have bought a lot of the things I did had they not been on sale, but still -