Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Case of the missing cat food

Six weeks ago we had a delivery of cat food. Two bags of food, 6.6 pounds each.  Friday my husband went into the closet to get a bag to refill the cat food container cat food. There should have been one bag in there. There was none.

We searched all the closets - we have a lot of closets. We moved things, we emptied bottom shelves - No cat food.

There is no way in 47 hells that our two cats ate over 13 pounds of cat food in 6 weeks. Where the hell is that other bag of food?

My husband likens this situation to the time my glasses disappeared for, like, six months, and then mysteriously reappeared right under our noses. I probably wrote about it at the time. It went like this:

I was heading out for work one morning and couldn't find my glasses. Previously Frankie had stolen my glasses so rather than be late for work I got my spare pair and off I went. When I came home from work I searched for those glasses. First I tried all of Frankie's hiding places. Then I did a methodical search, room by room. Drawer by drawer. Purse by purse. Jacket by jacket. High shelves, low shelves even the oven and refrigerator.

On the dining room table was a large bowl that we kept incidentals in - spare keys, postage stamps - little things, and just a few. I had dumped out the bowl when searching for my glasses, needless to say they weren't there. Six months later (more or less) I was sitting at the table and something in that bowl caught my eye - right on top, neatly folded, lens side up were my glasses!

Now we sat at the table nearly constantly, morning noon and night - eating, reading, drinking coffee, talking - we lived at that table so it's not like we wouldn't have noticed they were there. We had our hands in and out of that bowl on regular basis so it's not like we could have missed the glasses.

We have puzzled over that for years - who took the glasses and who put them back? We shall wait and see if the same thing happens with the cat food. Perhaps six months from now we will open a closet and there it will be, sitting there, bold as you please, mocking us. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sometimes you find a bit of wisdom in the most innocuous place

From the television show "Bones" -


Aubrey: "How did you get over it?"
Brennan: "I didn't."
Aubrey: "So this isn't a comforting talk."
Brennan: "No. The pain is always there; the challenge is to not try to make it go away."
Aubrey: "Really not comforting."
Brennan: "Fighting it is the problem. We fight to try and change the past or push it away, but the pain is part of who we are. It's not easy, Aubrey. Nothing of value is."

And some of you will get that, and some won't. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Quirky Stuff

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Sunday is major housework day as well as re-fill the vitamins day. My husband and I each have a 7-day pill container. The little game I play with myself is - can I shake out exactly 7 pills? It's easy with the large ones but the teeny pills, not so much. It's like a quirty, personal superstition. If I haven't checked my lottery numbers yet I say to myself "If I shake out the exact number of pills then I won something" Or "If I shake out just the right number I will get a nice surprise."

By telling you this I am hoping that there is someone else besides me who indulges in this silly magical thinking. (Please don't disappoint me.)

And then there is the hibernation gene that has just activated itself.

I am not so much an insomniac as a night person dealing with a day world. I have been sleep deprived my whole life. Even with my non-working status I still have to function as if I were still keyed into the day-time world. Add to that a husband who snores, gasps, chokes, and makes all manner of horrible, and loud, noises when he sleeps - well there you have it. No sleep for you Grace.

Except - for the last 4 or 5 nights I have been shutting myself down around Midnight and then - Poof - going right off to sleep. And while I might wake for a few seconds in the early morning hours, I go right back to a nice deep sleep.  This in unheard of in my life. I am loving it.

Sleep - Yes!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Change -

Not something I liked when I was young. I always stayed too long - places, jobs, relationships. It was a matter of the devil I knew. It was about being afraid of the unknown. Afraid of success and afraid of failure. Afraid of mistakes. I do not know how I lived that way for so long. Dreadful.

When I did make a change, especially a BIG one, an irrevocable change, it was after much thought - 3 years of thought in one case; 4 in another. A friend said "How can you make snap decisions like that?" He didn't know that snap decision was so many years in the making.
I started to change that about 30 years ago - big changes, small changes, important ones and frivolous ones. Often change for the sake of change. New, even when the old was just fine. Yes, I still thought out the big ones  - but not for so long. Some decisions seemed snap-like but once I decided it must be done then it was DONE.

Four miserable years living in Philadelphia - once I decided I was going, we made plans to go. Well thought out plans that were put into immediate action. It was easy. Moving there in the first place, not so well thought out, of course it wasn't my idea in the first place - but, water under the bridge.

I'm a planner, always have been. It's easier to do that now with the wonders of the interwebz. I've got lists; I'm ready to roll. I still drag my feet a bit. It took me 2 years to do the up-dates on this apartment. But it took me only 3 months to decide to get new dining table chairs. And once decided they were ordered the next day (and I'm still waiting for them, six week delivery is going into it's eighth week.) And these are just little things, I'm prepped for the big ones.

On the one hand, I think I have a future. On the other hand, I know all I have is a past and I'm just treading water. The only real plans for the future should be (and are) for comfortable maintenance.

Yet, I crave change. It's not so much that there is bigger and better out there, it's just that there IS an out there.  I have to be content with smaller and safer. I don't like small and safe, not anymore I don't. But there is that practical planner me off-setting the new and improved(?) go-for-it gal.

So, little changes - better than no changes at all.