Friday, March 27, 2015

Gotta Love Mental telepathy

Early yesterday morning I called the doctor's office with a question about a prescription I have.  The instructions as I have them are that I apply the ointment twice a day for 2 weeks then stop for 2 weeks, then use it for two weeks - and that I do that for 2 months. The problem I had was that I'm almost out of the ointment and it isn't even the end of ONE month.

The receptionist said she would pass my message on to the doctor.

So here it is, a day and a half later and I haven't heard back.

I'm in the shower going over this in my mind and wondering how long I should wait to hear back. Maybe I should call again and be all polite and leave another message. Or maybe I should see if I can email my question. Blah, blah, blah in my head. Over and over.

I just finish getting dressed when I hear the phone ring. My husband is saying "Who is calling?" and I yell from the bedroom "Is that the doctor's office?" And sure enough it was.  They were calling to tell me they are phoning in another prescription to the pharmacy.

Don'tcha just love mental telepathy?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I have often said

"what do people do for laughs if they don't have cats?" and certainly the internet has proven me correct in that cats are just the funniest creatures on the planet.

This video is a compilation of cats stealing pizza. You should turn the sound up because the 3rd kitten featured, at about 43 seconds in, growls up a storm and won't give the pizza back!

Just so damn funny...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

So why do I keep it?

Polaroids don't hold well, do they? And maybe they make creepy photos even creepier...

I blanked out the face of the person in this photo with me, which kinda adds to the creepy factor but I want to direct your attention to me. I was not happy to be where I was, and upon arriving at the place I didn't want to be I learned that my friend had arranged an escort for me. Plain old not thrilled turned into "Come to the ladies room with me so I can kill you".

I am around 42/43 years old in this photo and this was not the happiest time in my life. Every time I flip past it in the photo album I cringe...

Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Friday but

it feels like Sunday. The snow was a non-event. Yes there was some but it quickly turned to rain. Yes, tho it is the first day of Spring the current temp is 36 - it was 20 degrees warmer yesterday.  It is a dank and dreary day.

The world around here is deadly quiet. The parking lot is 3/4 full - did no one go to work today? No sounds from the hallway. Is the maintenance crew off for the day?  Is no one going out, and in? Where is crazy barking dog today?

The only sound I can hear right now is the is Noon and the sounds of life and enterprise are represented by only that tick-tock. There are no other sounds.

No cars, no planes, no birds, no lightened sky.

It is often like this on a Sunday, but a Friday.

It is disconcerting. It makes me uneasy and yet it makes me feel a little cozy - and safe.