Saturday, November 1, 2014


I live in a condo apartment building and there are rules about everything including people wandering the hallways. Mostly this building was old people when we moved in but they seemed to have died off (literally) and have been replaced by young families.

This year the family folk asked if their kids could trick or treat in the building and a sign up sheet was placed at the front desk for people who wanted little Halloween visitors. My husband and I signed up because - what the hell, kids in apartment buildings should have a little fun too.

So we bought candy. And we waited. And waited. one came!

So sad...

Friday, October 31, 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I'm annoying myself

Today is the second day this week that I have been grumpy, irritable and just plain fussy (1. Easily upset; given to bouts of ill temper: 2. Paying great or excessive attention to personal tastes and appearance; fastidious: 3. Calling for or requiring great attention to sometimes trivial details.)

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually irritating because they involve getting up at the crack of dawn and doing laundry and grocery shopping. (Mon. & Thurs. = laundry; Tues. = groceries). Why get up at the crack of dawn for these activities? Because I have to fit them into my husband's schedule and because of the whole 'shared laundry room' situation which is the chief irritant of my life. And you're thinking, sarcastically of course, as well you should, schlepping laundry 20 feet to a laundry room is your CHIEF irritant - oh, poor, poor Grace.

I usually get over my fussy, pissy mood rather quickly, possibly because these activities do happen early in the day and rainbows, lollipops and roses (specifically sunshine, trees and fresh air) soon populate my little world.

It's not working this week - and I'm not used to be grumpy any more. I was a grumpy, miserable depressed person for 4 years then we moved and all that bad stuff went away because I had rainbows, lollipops and roses(sunshine, trees and fresh air).

My husband and the cats live by a very strict schedule and it is starting to annoy the crap out of me. This morning Frankie was all pissed off and annoying because I put all her blankets in the wash and she had no where to nap! Seriously cat? First she sat and stared at the cushioned, but not blanketed, bench under the windows; then she stomped over to the loveseat- all overstuffed but cool leather - and protested loudly; then she jumped on the dining table and proceeded to get in my face. My husband was a little annoyed because he had to forgo his 9:30 nap (which also annoyed Frankie) so he would be available to schlep the laundry. Oh these poor little sods.

Plus I am getting a little frustrated about designing my Christmas cards - I am not clever with words, I know the feeling I want to convey but the words elude me.I just want to say how happy I am that I have all of your friendship.

And then, in my quest for something new I bought my own domain name and now I'm fussing with the nuances of that change. Pissant thing that is.

I crave new and exciting. One would think, that with my life so much more behind me rather than in front of me, I would settle in. I hate settling in. A part of me still thinks my life is filled with possibilities. I want to erase everything and start new. I want brighter and better. Or maybe just different. I want surprises. I want blank slates to draw on.

I've grown accustomed to being more happy than not, but there is no joy in Graceville this week. And THAT annoys me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

This is going to take some figuring out...

I bought my own domain name and managed to link it with Blogger but I lost all the previous comments; I lost my blog roll (had to re-build it)and probably one of my stats trackers and I have no idea how this affected my feeds or even what stats are being tracked. It's a good thing I'm not a professional blogger.  So if anything looks strange around here - that's why.  I have no idea what to enter for this blog's address.

What the hell - I'll figure it out by trial and error I guess...