Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stop what you are doing

and immediately buy, rent, borrow, steal this marvelous book - "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.

Some of you may be smarter than I am and have already read it. Lucky you!

It is an epistolary story (one told entirely through letters, a style favored by me. My favorite Jane Austen novel, "Lady Susan, is in the same format). It takes place in 1946 on the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. and that is all that I will say. All I can say

Because I am so amazingly charmed and delighted with this book. It is short, 268 pages, and I wish it had never ended. I want to go on reading about Juliet and Dawsey and Kit...I laughed out loud; got a little misty eyed; got a bit short-tempered with Isola, she tends to meddle.

Regardless of your favorite literary genre, you will at the very least enjoy this book, and perhaps even love it. You will laugh, you will cry, just a bit, and you will close it with a contented sigh.

Should you need a more erudite review (and why wouldn't you?) you can read one HERE. This book came out in 2008 so it should be readily available.

Do yourself a treat - Read this book. Sooner than later.

You are so very, very welcome!

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Pink House

One photo, narrated by me.

(You may have to turn up the volume. Since there is nothing to see, open a new window/tab and listen while you do something constructive.)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sick as a dog/Healthy as a horse

Yesterday the cats were at the vet and were declared perfect, if a tad chubby. We just got  Frankie's blood work results and to quote Dr. Cohen the result results are "great - just terrific - perfect".   Considering Frankie is 11 and BB is 9 - that is very, very good news.  So we said "Frankie, you're healthy as a horse".

Why 'healthy as a horse' and 'sick as a dog'? No one is quite sure.  The best guess is that horses are perceived as being strong, and strong equals healthy - and there you have it.

'Sick as a dog' goes back back to 1705 and best guess is that dogs were considered unclean etc. Also sick as dog most often refers to stomach upsets and we all know dogs will eat anything and then barf it up.

Today is Thursday which means grocery shopping day. We used to shop on Tuesday but after constant reminders that Thursday is Senior Discount Day, we switched.  We get a 5% discount just for being old and hey, why not in our pocket.

While I hate grocery shopping I do like chit-chatting with anyone who makes eye contact. Today a lady stopped me to say you liked my earrings and that she thought I was very well put together.

Whoa - she made my day.

I wear stretchy-cotton heather grey shirts and pants. That's it - the only clothes I own - grey shirts, grey pants. Today I had on pants that just went passed my knees and yellow sandals - the shirt and pants were different colors of grey but still - pretty monochromatic. These are easy clothes, I never have to think about them - pull a shirt from the shirt drawer, pull the pants from the pants drawer and I'm ready to go.  Not a fashion statement but it was kinda funny that this lady thought I looked nice.  Sweet.

Senior Discount Day at the grocery store is usually good for some casual conversations because some of the senior shoppers are way more senior that we are so I find myself reading labels for people, or helping them search for an item. Then there is always the parking lot for laughs - we watched in horror and disbelief as a woman (senior) in a rather large SUV type vehicle attempted to turn into the parking lot, pull into a parking space, back up, attempt to turn into a different parking space - it was like she had never driven that car before and had no idea how big it was...it was scary. She was still trying to park that car when we left. Perhaps she will be on the local news this afternoon - you know those stories - "Elderly woman drives through a store window..."