Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It's a lovely day

My husband said that very early this morning there was a dusting of snow on the cars but by the time I got up it was all gone. It is a bright, windy and chilly day. But since I won't be going out I get to enjoy all the sunshine and none of the chill. As I am typing this the clouds seem to be breaking up and the sky is pure blue. Just lovely.

The weather folks are predicting a very cold weekend; it doesn't often get very cold here but then again we don't often get 3 feet of snow, as we did 2 weeks ago.

While I would certainly prefer to live in a house rather than an apartment there are some upsides, especially in the winter. You all know I live in a condo apartment building and for a princely sum all of our needs are pretty much taken care of. No outside maintenance, basic inside maintenance also taken care of; packages signed for; lots of security. And the double-edged sword of all utilities included in our monthly condo fees.

Why double-edged sword, you ask. Well, we've always paid our own utilities so we were careful with our energy use. Lights were turned off, heat and air-conditioning carefully monitored, water as well. Now we are profligate with water and lights. Yes folks I can take a half-hour shower and never run out of hot water, which is a perk I can definitely get behind. BUT - I don't have my own washer/dryer, I have to use a community laundry room, which I hate. HATE.

My husband indulges his bad habit of leaving lights on; I am no longer yelling "Shut off the lights, we're not cousins to Con Ed". (You have to be from NYC to get that reference. It was my father's mantra.)

As for heat and a/c - ah, another upside/downside situation. I hate a/c - it gives me an excruciating headache. My husband on the other hand loves it.  And just as very cold is not the usual here, very hot and very humid is standard.  I am in control of the inside temperature. I don't like it very warm inside (again, too much heat gives me a headache) just as I don't like it very cold. We are not big users of either heat or a/c. So I guess what we save in not using those we make up for in water and lights. The thing is, whether we are big energy users or careful, we pay the same. That irks me a bit.

The master bedroom is in a part of the apartment that is in a building alcove, well protected from the elements. I can leave the windows open when it's raining it's so protected.  Consequently it never gets very cold in there nor very warm. No matter how cold it is outside I need to have a window open at night or I simply can't breathe. The heat is never turned on in the bedroom and I don't have any winter blankets on the bed. My bedding is the same 12 months of the year - top sheet and a cotton seersucker bedspread/cover whatever-thingy. Even with that little, and a short cotton sleep shirt, I wind up kicking the covers off during the night.

Upsides/downsides - unlike Goldilocks, I've never found just right. But I am pleased with myself in that I have learned to appreciate the upsides of the downsides.

It's a lovely day.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Playing with Miss Frankie

I go on kitty pic binges. I actually got a full face Frankie photo the other week and decided to play around with it...Miss Lulu Belle..

(Click on photo for the full effect)

Friday, February 5, 2016

The little booger is starting to pose now...

Last night BB was lying on my husband, looking as adorable as can be so I got up to get my camera. When BB saw the camera he actually started posing...(click on the photos to biggify because if there is one thing orange cats are, it's photogenic. You cannot take a bad picture of an orange cat.)
I took about a dozen photos last night - all similar to these because I just kept snapping and snapping and he kept posing -

Thursday, February 4, 2016

I don't get it...

Why does every single cleaning product in the Western world need to have Febreze in it? And why does every Febreze scent smell so disgusting?

Why is doing precise, detailed, repetitive tasks supposed to be therapeutic? I do not understand the adult coloring books that have intricate, tiny patterns to color. Just looking at them makes me twitch and itch.

A friend posted on FB the items she will be using for her art therapy group - pipe cleaners, thread, and small beads. It's all very colorful but why is it therapeutic? That is a serious question. It would not be therapeutic for me. It would be frustrating and just piss me off.

When I was in therapy, as an adult, sometimes I would sit on the floor and play with clay my doctor had for his young clients. I guess I found that calming. I made bowls and dragons; one week I came in and he had put one on my creations on his shelf; he said he liked it.  Such a nice man.

I do not understand why an American company, in America, would set a non-English speaking person to answer their phones.  Specifically I'm talking about H&R Block.  Their local-to-me office used to be in a nearby mall but that mall is now closed for renovations. When I tried to map the new address I got two very different locations. I called the local office and the person answering the phone had such a thick accent that my side of the conversation was "I'm sorry I don't understand what you just said".  I still don't know where they are or if they have parking available. I've dumped the whole problem in my husband's lap; maybe we'll just take a cab because I did figure out that they are less than 2 miles away. Or so.

Also re: H&R Block - if you call their 800 number to speak with an 'advisor' that advisor will not be able to answer a very general tax question. So I don't know what their 'advisors' advise about. She was a very nice lady tho. So if anyone knows if prescription eyeglasses are tax deductible, let me know before Saturday.

Ah, there are so many things I don't get - I wonder if that's because I'm just dim or because I operate in a different time/space continuum.

I just noticed the two consecutive u's in 'continuum - struck me as odd but there is short list of such words in English.  And another.  I need to take my obsessive self out of here now.